The true underground, behind the scenes training, that will make you an unstoppable force.

This material will NEVER be offered to the public again!

Lethal technologies and confidential materials for my subscribers only.

It really is this simple.

I do not teach anything that does not work.

As a National Boxing Coach and someone who still spars regularly in Boxing, I can smell BS a mile away.

As a Coach it is my job to make sure that you are as efficient as possible in all aspects of your Art, whether that be for sports combat or for self defense.

I have to ensure that when you attack, you are as defended and as safe as you possibly can be.

I have to ensure that when you defend, you are defended as well as you can be and at the same time are ready to initiate an attack.

This is achieved by an in-depth analysis of Body Mechanics, Body Dynamics, Body Physics, Balance, Distancing, Timing and many other aspects of the fight.

This enables a deep understanding of technique and the hows and whys of its workings.

Once this is understood and able to be applied, we can then add in the knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (ONLY as it relates to fighting) and various other aspects to increase the effectiveness of techniques.

It is up to the individual, in that moment of time when needed, to understand what can and can’t be achieved. To understand what has the highest percentage chance of success.

For example – you probably would not attempt a spinning hook kick on icy ground!

Common sense plays a huge part in your self defense and sports combat.

My systems are used by over 100 Police Academies worldwide and over 20,000 Security Officers per year. Add in the 1000’s of Martial Artists and this is some number.

This is no accident.

It is because my systems work and they work FAST!

The Benefits Of My Course

The Program has been designed from the ground up, with one purpose in mind.

That is, to take your skills to TRUE Pressure Point Fighting Expert level, in the most efficient manner possible.

We achieve this due to our extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

As the Worlds leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach and my 20+ years experience of travelling the Globe, teaching this material, I am 100% confident in everything that I teach.

Every single technique has been, what you might call ”rigorously field-tested”.

You will be guided step by step along your journey to Pressure Point Fighting Mastery.

Nothing has been left to chance. These systems have been proven for thousands of people, just like you.

You simply follow along, each lesson, step by step and you will be guided, helped and encouraged all the way.

We want YOU to become the best that you can possibly be, in the most efficient manner possible.

This course can be accessed 24/7 from ANY device with an Internet connection.

Simply login at your convenience from your Phone, Tablet, Computer or even your Smart TV and carry on with your lessons.

Start from where you left off, or simply browse the lessons available.

Take to the Gym, or train in the comfort of your own home, the choice is yours.

Why Are My Online Courses Better Than The Rest?

What a bold statement to make!

Let me give you a few reasons why… and then you can make your own mind up.

We analyse data from our online customers and subscribers, from our current course members, from our physical training methods and the 1000’s who have passed through our courses over the years.

We analyse and evaluate the teaching methods that have generated the BEST results for our students.

We analyse and evaluate the best systems for providing online teachings.

We analyse and evaluate the best systems for delivering the information.

We test, test and test till we are 100% sure that everything has been checked to be correct.

We then enter the planning stage.

We start with our end Goal in mind – to provide the best ever online course in whatever the subject may be – Pressure Point Defensive Tactics in this case.

We KNOW from the experience of 1000’s of Officers in dozens of Countries the BEST lessons to teach and the BEST order in which to teach them.

We KNOW how to put those lessons into small “Groups” of lessons to ensure that the student develops as quickly as possible.

The we plan the filming and production – this stage alone can take weeks of methodical planning and evaluation.

We need to ensure that Camera angles are correct – that the film crew and editing team know when and where to zoom in or out and to ensure the angles are met for the highest level of clarity during instruction.

We then get the professional TV Film Crew / Studio and Gym organised.

Then, it is time to go to work – and get it filmed.

Everything is double checked and double saved as we go – just in case!

The “rushes” (Technical term for the unedited clips) are analysed for any errors and any corrections made or re-filmed.

The soundtrack is treated to ensure 100% clarity.

The editing team go to work under close supervision to ensure that all the information in each lesson is presented EXACTLY how it should be.

This is checked, checked and checked again.

Then it goes out to our select band of Alpha testers.

Then to our select band of Beta testers.

Then and only then – if it passes with flying colours – is it made available to you!

Now – add in to the mix that your Instructor / Coach for all these lessons is the World leading authority on the subject – and there is little room for doubt, when we say these are the BEST online courses available anywhere – period.

The next part you have to take into consideration is that as one of our loyal subscribers – you also get A TON OF BONUS ITEMS!

Some Of What You Will Learn...

Punching: The REAL secret to hitting MASSIVELY hard. You WILL hit with amazing Power and impact, with each and every punch you make.

Balance: You will learn how and why the body is balanced. How to take that balance from your opponent and use this to your advantage. If your opponent has NO Balance… he can’t fight properly… if YOU are in balance you can hit with ALL of your available POWER and Impact.

Body Alarm Reaction (BAR): What happens to your body and brain during the stress of a REAL Fight… and more importantly HOW to use this information to YOUR advantage… truly groundbreaking material!

Locks: How to put absolutely crippling locks onto your opponent… to the point whereby you can literally snap whatever you have hold of like a pencil… truly life changing techniques

Strangles: How to put your opponent to sleep IMMEDIATELY. Forget struggling for a rear naked choke, the strangle is where it’s at!

Takedowns: Learn the MOST SLAMMING and POWERFUL Takedowns out there. Finish the fight there and then.

Neck cranks: Should I really say, neck breaks! These are simply Devastating – train with caution!

Pressure Points: Where they are, how they work, the whole “science” required for Martial purposes, No fluff, no fancy BS, just how and why at a Combat Level.

Pressure Point KNOCK-OUTS: How to practice them, do them and utilise them wherever and whenever you want! More importantly, how to revive someone who has been K.O’d!

Players: The tiny little secrets that make ALL the difference, between a stun and a knockout, between pain and blackout, between escape and submission, between losing and winning – what they are and how to utilize them in EACH AND EVERY move you make.

Plus… SO MUCH MORE it would take several pages to outline it all here.

You Are at risk every day

It is a sad truth, that we are more at risk today from  sudden and violent crime than we have ever been.

Crime statistics in general are frightening to behold but violent crime statistics take this to a new level completely.

Most areas are now seeing increases in violent assaults from 10-30% year on year. This is a horrible indictment on our society in general and the attitude of our Governments towards the good people like us, in particular.

Good, decent, law abiding citizens, just like you and me are fast becoming a portion of society that is almost ”marginalised”.

In the UK alone, there are only two authorised and registered Government bodies for the victims of crime and well over one hundred for the low life criminals!

You better read that paragraph again – just to make sure you understand how ridiculous the situation really is.

It means you are over 50 times more likely to get support from your Government as a CRIMINAL than you are as a Victim!

You could not make this up!

If our Governments jobs were to make our Society as bad as possible then we could only say – well done – you are doing fantastic – keep going… we are going down quicker than a fat kid on a see saw!

Unfortunately, we know that they are are supposed to be in place to help make our Society safe.

What an awful job they are doing.

Society is going down the pan and we are being ”forced” to put up with it…. ”made” to tolerate it and more insidiously ”marginalised and persecuted” when we defend ourselves and our loved ones.

It is a sad truth that we get the society that we are prepared to tolerate.

law enforcement are shackled

Law Enforcement are becoming increasingly shackled on the one hand, whilst having to become more ”militarised” on the other.

Officer numbers are decreasing per capita at an alarming rate and the number of Officers patrolling the streets is at the lowest levels on record.

Little wonder that the criminals are having a field day….. day after day, week after week. If street crime like this was a Fortune 500 Company then the stock value would be breaking Wall St records every day of the week.

In major cities like London, crime gangs operate brazenly and openly in broad daylight – with almost zero chance of detection.

Officers are ”dissuaded” (Translation: ordered not to) chase the gangs in case the poor little criminals get injured in the chase.

If decent, law abiding members try to stop crime, they are for some inexplicable reason the new target of Police examination at best – and arrest at worst.

They are ”hounded” as vigilantes. Told that they put Officers, members of the public and themselves at risk.

Told that they ”interfere” in the Police investigation.

What makes it even worse – is that often times the Criminal then ”sues” the victim! And the authorities appear to be on the side of the criminal.

Having worked with Law Enforcement around the Globe teaching Defensive Tactics and ”expert witness” accounting for over 20 Years – I can assure you of one thing.

These brave and heroic Officers ARE ON OUR SIDE.

They want nothing more than to be allowed to the job that they signed up for.

They are under constant scrutiny and under threat of suspension or losing their job every minute of the Day.

The guidelines (Translation: STRICT RULES that must be adhered to) that they are requested (Translation: DEMANDED) to follow make their job difficult in the extreme.

Paperwork alone can take up to 80% of their working day – ridiculous but true…. leaving little to no time to actually do the job that they so desperately want to do.

It's bad and it ain't getting better

I am pretty sure that just like me you sometimes have a day dream, that if everyone had our attitude towards being a law abiding citizen, that there would literally be no need for any Law Enforcement – except maybe a speed camera once in 35 years of perfectly safe driving – damn those things!

Unfortunately – it sometimes feels like we really are in the minority.

It really is bad out there – and it really ain’t getting better. Not any time soon, that is for sure.

Law Enforcement are facing budget cuts or restraints, more stupid targets, an ”enforced” relaxed attitude towards certain crimes and a huge upsurge in their attitude towards easy to solve and make the figures look good crime – like when someone gets upset on Twitter! Give me a break.

Or decent people like you and me who may go through a speed trap at just 4 miles over the limit, on an open road, in the middle of the night… after teaching at a Police Academy…. and get fined for it. I am not bitter and twisted about that!

Or the good samaritan that comes to the aid of a victim and is then prosecuted by the authorities and sued by the criminal!

From my Police Contacts I know of just one Family in a very small town in the UK who ”make a living” from suing the Police and owners of homes that they break in to.

If they can break in and get away with nothing happening, then fine.

If they disturb the homeowner – they do just enough to ensure the Police are called and the homeowner ”restrains them” or ”stops” them from running off.

They do just enough to ensure the arresting Officers have to use force to arrest them.

They then start the process of suing everyone in sight – all paid for by the tax payer – yes of course they are on benefits as well.

As long as the claim is under 4k Sterling, then it is cheaper for the Police Force to write a cheque, than to fight it in Court.

The homeowner is usually advised by his Lawyers to do the same.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Violent crime epidemic

When I first started to teach the Police, it was a well known fact that muggers hardly ever actually used the weapons they threatened the victim with.

Once the victim gave up their possessions – the muggers simply ran off and that was the end of it.

Although shaken and extremely worried about the incident, the victim was rarely, if ever, actually injured.

Nowadays, it is completely different.

Victims are routinely violently assaulted regardless of how easily they capitulate to the demands of the criminal scum.

We are advised by the Authorities to not fight back, not to escalate the situation, in case it becomes a violent mugging.

Unfortunately, it becomes violent anyway.

The scumbags are stabbing, shooting, spraying acid on their victims BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER they have robbed them.

The criminals know and understand that the easiest victim is the one that is incapable of fighting back – so why not just stab them first and then rob them.

This increasingly violent trend is on a worrying upwards spiral, with no end in sight.

We often hear reports on the News about Knife Crime epidemics, and they always occur just before yet another useless Knife Amnesty.

The News are so fast to show how many illegal weapons have been handed, how much safer our streets are, now that the nice little scumbag criminals have decided to hand over their weapons!

Gimme a break… do you know WHY they hand them in during an AMNESTY?

Because it is an AMNESTY – They will not be convicted for the crimes they committed with those weapons.

Talk about a ”get out of jail free card”!

I can assure you, this really is the tip of that iceberg for what the scum really get away with.

Meanwhile, the victims get nothing.

Many victims are now so traumatised and scared of the repercussions from Criminal scum, that they simply do not report the offence…. this is especially true for victims of sexual assault.

Can you imagine how you would feel, to see your loved ones in this state? Assaulted, petrified and scarred for life, whilst the scum that did it carry on their merry way, without a care in the World.

And if they do get prosecuted – the sentance is so lenient it beggars belief.

10 years becomes 3 years served in a heartbeat!

Immediately they are getting one third off for parole, then another one third for good behaviour, plus a bit extra if they go on a course to make them better – poor little things.

Of course a sex attacker is on good behaviour in prison – there are no victim types in Prison!

A common thief is surrounded by the temptation to steal, every single day in Prison – his victim type is anyone with anything worth stealing and selling.

A sex attacker has no victim type – and for some inexplicable reason they are rewarded with time off for good behaviour.

Meanwhile – the Victim in this, gets nothing – No support, no help….nothing!

They just sit and worry for their lives when the criminal gets back out to take their revenge.

there is a solution

The only way to stop violence… is to know violence!

For those who want to control violence… instead of being the victim of it!

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That is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Everyone learns at their own pace. You are under no time constraints when it comes to this Program. Obviously the more work you put in, then the quicker you can complete. Most people take about a year to 18 Months. Our quickest ever was 6 Months.

No. The choice is entirely yours. Most people, in fact, do not want to be certified. They take the Programs purely for their own desire to increase their skills.

No. A few of our Founder Members are in their 70’s.

Fantastic – well done. From my experience over the last 25 years around the World and having vast experience of other systems, I can guarantee that you will get enormous benefits from the Platinum Program. In fact, many of our Graduates and Members came from other systems in order to make Pressure Points work properly.

You will have the most to learn from this Program. If you truly want to be a high level in knowledge and skills rather than time served, then this is for you.

Having no grade in Martial Arts, could well be a blessing in disguise. You will have no pre-configured faults to correct. We have whole sections dedicated to self defense and everything we teach MUST work in a real fight. So, YES, this will definitely work for you.

Thank you but no – this offer is so massively discounted in the first place.

Now is the time to begin your journey to Martial arts and self defense excellence

Operation: Dangerous Warrior

The ultimate in your Martial Arts and/or Self Defense training and development.

What you Receive:

  • Pressure Point Fighting Course
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  • The Pressure Point Defensive Tactics Course
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    You will also receive FREE and IMMEDIATE Access to my all new Pressure Point Defensive Tactics (PPDT) System at the International level (Over 90 Full Hi-Definition Lessons). This is the EXACT Course that is required learning at over 100 Police Academies Worldwide!

  • The Boxing Course
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    You will also receive FREE and IMMEDIATE Access to my Boxing Course. As the National Boxing Coach - Cambodia you are assured of the best instruction.

  • The Pressure Point Black belt Course
    The Pressure Point Black belt Course Value $3600

    You will also receive FREE and IMMEDIATE Access to my all new Pressure Point Black Belt Course. This is designed to take you from wherever you are now to Black Belt level in my system. You can also DOWNLOAD each and every one of the several hundred lessons.

  • The Full Platinum Training Program
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    Learn everything you need to become on OCFM Coach in our system. Hundreds of lessons in full Hi-Definition covering all areas of training.

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